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Aktualisiert: 8. März 2021

Hey Sweets, I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on Valentines's day. Please stay until the very end, I have something sweet waiting for you!

Valentines day is a holiday that dates back to ancient history. It has always represented love, from the middle ages and shakespearian era until now. In modern society it seem like It’s all about the gifts and what your significant other does for you on that day, but in my opinion, it shouldn’t be about that at all. The truth is, you should be showing the ones you love that you love them every single day.

The calendar is loaded with holidays dedicated to war and nationalism. As for Valentine’s Day, however media and industries have done to turn it into a February version of Black Friday. But still it is a holiday dedicated to love. And Isn’t that worth celebrating?

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I am celebrating the love month because this is a positive way to remind myself on sending love and good energy to everyone on everyday of the calendar. I have never been the kind of girl who expects anything. Anyone could give me a candle as a gift and I would appreciate it as if it were a dimond ring because it’s not about value. It’s about the thought. I love giving gifts, big or small. I get excited knowing how happy the recipient will be, because I like to make my gifts as thoughtful as possible. Valentine's Day, or love month how I call it, for me is just an excuse to do yet another nice thing for the ones I love in addition to the little things I try to do all the time. For me, it’s about celebrating all of the amazing supportive people in my life who continue to love me every day that passes.

Last year, I celebrated Valentine's Day by waking up at 4:00 am in the morning, leaving a rose and post card with a kiss and my signature fragrance on their doorsteps to remind my family and closest friends, that I care for them, even if we don't see each other every single day and that I love them no matter what.


If you want to make a big gesture on Valentine's Day, then make it an extension of the little gestures you make every day. And I believe it all starts with loving yourself first. Before we can receive another person's love or even recognize and appreciate it as such, we have to discover love within ourselves. Because if you don't respect and appreciate yourself first, how on earth can you love somebody else? To discover the love within oneself is easier said then done. For some it is the passion for sport, that helps to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and to accept themselves as who they are. For me it was experimenting with fashion and contemporary art. I think developing my personal style has played an important role for me to get to know and love myself better at a very young age. So if you find yourself in a season of transformation, start to fall in love with yourself first. And do it because YOU want it not because you want to impress the people around you or on social media. Go to the gym and workout for you. Buy that cute outfit you liked and dress up for you. Or even play princess for one day for yourself as I did during this photoshoot :D I really felt like a princess in that beautiful dress by LINDAS LADEN. And wearing it reminded me on the big family events, where my mom put my sisters and me in the most prettiest dress a little girl can dream of. This photoshoot really was a gift to myself. A reminder where my passion for fashion really comes from. Thank you mom for all this fun memories of dressing up and thank you LINDA for reminding me of them. If you want to feel like a princess as well, go check her out, she designs beautiful dresses for any occasions!


What is this thing that we shouldn't only remember on Valentine's Day? Love. For me, love is what naturally flows through us when we open fully. In the relationship with another, it shows itself as selfless attention, in the relationship with ourselves as inner confidence and self-acceptance, which warms us from within and in the relationship with life as a feeling of well-being, gratitude and joy of life , When we experience this openness and warmth on the part of someone else, it feeds us essentially: it helps us to experience our own warmth and openness and allows us to recognize the beauty and the good in the core of our own being. The light of unconditional love bring us forth the unique gifts that we can offer as our very own in this life. When we get pure love, sympathy and appreciation from another person, it is a great blessing for us: it confirms what we are and enables us to say yes to ourselves. And giving love is the only thing that can surpass the divine feeling in receiving it.

Say I love you to your friends and family, sincerely and often. And if you want, add some sweets too! I'm celebrating the love month big times this year and I am happy to announce that I've teamed up with KILIAN SCHOEN CHOCOLATES to sweeten up your day!

I love the new praline collection KILIAN SCHOEN has launched for valentines day. Win the exklusive KS LOVE collection filled with 16 lovingly handmade "RUBY" chocolates! We are picking a lucky winner of the limited praline collection starting now!


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DISCLAIMER // The giveaway ends on Thursday, February 20th, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. The winner will be drawn on the same day and announced on Instagram. The LOVE Collection awaits you in the KILIAN SCHOEN Boutique in Regensburg. Anyone over the age of 14 who is resident in Germany can participate. I need your parents' consent if you are under 18! No cash payment possible.

Good luck!


What are your thoughts on Valentines Day? Let me know in the comments.

Many thanks to everyone involved for this wonderful collaboration! ❤️

Lots of love and energy



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